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Wheelchair Ministry

God's Hidden Treasures

Wheelchair Ministry

Over 6,000 in need served and counting!

For over 15 years God's Hidden Treasures has been delivering wheelchairs, walkers, canes, and other mobility aids to the people of Ukraine.  The government of Ukraine is required by law to provide mobility aids to its people. However, the reality is that they never have enough wheelchairs and, when wheelchairs are available, no attempt is made to fit the wheelchair to the person.  The ministry began with three wheelchairs placed on a Delta flight to be given out in the city of Bila Tserkva, to now having delivered more than 6,000 mobility aids in many different cities across Ukraine.  Below are maps of all the Ukrainian cities and local villages we supply with wheelchairs.  

God’s Hidden Treasures is committed first of all to developing personal, long-term relationships. When someone contacts the office requesting assistance, a phone interview is conducted. Usually within 10 days, an in-home visit is made to discover the needs of the person—physical, emotional, medical and spiritual. During these visits Christian caring is demonstrated by spending time getting to know the person, followed by correctly fitting the wheelchair, offering prayer and the gift of a Bible. 

Nita giving out a Bible in 2001

Ruslan fitting a man in a wheelchair in Slavyansk, Ukraine

Our hope, is that the gift of a wheelchair, is the just the beginning of our relationship with these people and their families.  Each person is entered into a database and called monthly by the GHT office, as well as on special occasions such as birthdays, Veteran’s Day, etc. Food packets are provided to families in need.  Clothing and medicines are provided on an emergency basis.  Every person is invited to our annual picnic in park Alexandria for people with disabilities.  

The dream of opening a Wheelchair Repair Center was fulfilled in November 2001. The Center was initially run by Valentin Lytsenko and Volodia Dumansky.  These men were in wheelchairs provided by GHT. When Nita first found them they were sitting at home all day, feeling like their lives were over. They soon became responsible for running the wheelchair center -- from repairing broken wheelchairs to refurbishing and custom fitting used ones, to making seat cushions.  Both have since retired.   Valentin passed away in 2017. 

God's Hidden Treasures Main Office and Wheelchair Repair Center located in Fursy, Ukraine

Valentin Working in the Wheelchair Repair Center

Three young men from the Boy’s House Orphanage for children with special needs, also work full time at the Wheelchair Center, assisting in all these areas. One of the young men, Ruslan, accompanies the Manager of the Wheelchair Ministry, on all home deliveries where he explains the wheelchair’s operation and makes the final adjustments needed to assure a good fit.


Our three young men all grown up!

From Left to Right.  Yura,  Sergei (Our Current Wheelchair Center Manager) Zhenia and Ruslan.  

Every year we need hundreds of wheelchairs and walkers to supply our city and other cities around Ukraine.  We purchase new wheelchairs from China and pay for the shipping of free used wheelchairs from Joni and Friends in the USA.  If you or church would like to help support GHT with the purchase of new wheelchairs or shipping costs for used chairs, please contact Nita Hanson  at 

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